Professional Services

As our footprint has grown, so have our services.  We offer to our clients engaging meeting rooms, catering to either the small scale deposition or meeting, to the large 30+ conference or training environment.  We provide web-conferencing with our full suite of digital audio and video capture.  Our space has multiple small and large conference rooms, as well as a break-out area, kitchen and yes, even a dog park.  Our development center and technology tank are scheduled to be completed in December 2015, which will continue to focus on industry-based technology development.

Our discovery deposition and exhibit production team have a strong understanding of the legal process, which only comes from legal background and experience.  From capturing the deposition, to copying, scanning and hyperlinking the exhibits, we are your one-stop provider.  Think of us as your legal concierge.

Verbatim offices are within walking distance of several hotels, restaurants, and the NASA Space Center.  We can accommodate large groups for depositions, seminars, meeting rooms, arbitrations and quasi-judicial hearings.  Our team is available to schedule travel arrangements, deposition notices, exhibit production, all with an eye on leaving you to focus on your client and the job at hand.  We are experts in our field and it is our job to assist you as the expert in your field.

For the professional looking for a temporary or short-term office, we have private day spaces, complete with internet and on-site legal assistants.  For those of you wanting to work from home and maintain the occasional office, our doors are always open and our additional office space is always available.