Consulting Services


If you are a court or agency wanting to upgrade to digital recording, Verbatim is the firm you need. We have been honored to work with Courts in The Bahamas, Belize, Colorado, Philadelphia, Alaska, Texas, Ohio, Arizona, several Indian Tribes, just to name a few. We have provided consulting services from the initial planning phase of a courtroom through the completion of installation and the first days of recording. Our strategists will sit down with you to determine your exact goals and needs for your environment. We are certified to conduct FTR trainings and instill best practices to both court personnel and transcriptionists using FTR based systems. Regardless of the type of recording solution chosen, our experts in record capture will assist you in the best microphone placement, mixer levels, and procedures to produce a clean record of your proceedings. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your record is solid and able to be transcribed when needed.

Digital Recorders/Reporting

Verbatim has trained its competitors in digital court reporting and transcription best practices. We believe competition creates excellence in the industry. If you are a court reporting firm wanting to offer digital recording to your clients, we will assist you in choosing the best system for your needs, develop your policies around digital recording, and train your staff. Our passion for the law supersedes the need to take over the world one contract at a time. We are happy to provide additional services upon creation of your reporting/transcription divisions.