Digital Court Reporting

Verbatim Reporting and Transcription Services utilizes the latest in FTR (For the Record) digital recording and transcription software, as they are the leader in the court recording software industry. In 2012, we became a Premiere Partner Reseller with FTR and currently provide consultation to courts across the country, as well as outside of the United States, regarding the best implementation of resources and technology to ensure their verbatim capturing of the record and the court recording training necessary to successfully record proceedings. Our digital reporters are trained to this same standard and have the confidence and real-world understanding of the challenges of the court process. Verbatim has expertise that only top of the line training and experience brings.

At Verbatim Reporting and Transcription Services, our management staff has a combined knowledge exceeding 70 years of expertise in digitizing the proceedings of many different jurisdictions. We capture proceedings in 2, 4 and 8 channel audio, and have the ability to capture video along with the audio. This dual capture provides a complete digital recording of the proceeding.

Our digital reporters carry backup recording devices that operate independently from their recording laptop for true redundancy. Each reporting kit includes a laptop, DMX-8 or 88 mixer, and up to 10 top of the line digital microphones to clearly capture everything that is being said in a proceeding.

Our Digital Reporters real-time hyperlink sync the audio with log notes taken during the proceedings. There is no more guessing who said what when, as we have the expertise to playback portions of the recording during and post-capture.