Perfection in Transcription

Having “grown up” and worked in the court system as well as in private firms, we at Verbatim have taken our experience in the court reporting culture and intertwined it in our company policies and procedures. We understand the importance of the services we provide and are fortunate to work with transcriptionists who are the top tier in our industry. Our transcripts are a true and accurate representation of the proceedings held in any matter on any given day.

Our transcript turnaround time is based on your needs, from a same day turn to a 30-day turn. We are a fast-moving, fluid company, and our transcriptionists are encouraged to continually learn and hone their craft. We actively recruit the top transcriptionists and the diamonds waiting to be polished.

Transcription Management

Verbatim has assisted firms in transcriptionist training, schedule management, and the training and development of technology to assist in their growth.